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Habib Finance Australia

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Money Transfer


One of the fastest way to send money worldwide

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If you Send $10 to Pakistan

Conditions Apply

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Welcome to Habib Finance Australia

At Habib Finance Australia Pty Ltd, our aim is to be the best in the financial services sector by building trust and confidence within the market. We build our business through providing our customers with an extraordinary service, one that guarantees our clients loyalty. Our customers are guaranteed an overall experience which reflects our core values of accuracy, punctuality and honesty.

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Send Money

Sending money overseas has never been so easy.


With our years of experience and well established brand name, we guarantee to provide a money transfer service that is convenient, secure and efficient.

Forex Rate

We provide competitive rates and services to our regular customers.

Our long standing reputation of being one of the best in the financial sector allows us to help our customers receive the best exchange rate available.

Exchange Rates Calculator

Looking to calculate the value of one currency in relation to another? Our foreign exchange calculator allows you to do just that, simply and conveniently.

Simply choose the currency you’d like and enter the amount you’d like to convert.

HFA Loan

Our experienced staffs acutely understand the requirements of our customers to deliver a personalised service to meet the requirements.


We provide loans to cater all requirements.

Indicative Currency Rates

Updated on: 2018-3-21

Pakistan Rupee PKR 87.51
Indian Rupee INR 0.0000
United States Dollar USD 0.000
Bangladesh Taka BDT 0.000

Exchange Rates Calculator

How Habib Finance Australia (HFA) works?

One of the fastest money transfer company in the world

Register and advise HFA of the details of your transfer

Simply tell us how much you’re transferring, who your transferring it to and in which currency you wish to make the transfer in.



Send the funds to us

We only accept fund payments from your bank account. For example, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or BPay.

We do not accept cash, credit cards, cheques or bank drafts

You will hear from us once the funds have reached our account.

We deliver and send you a confirmation receipt

Transfers to most countries will take from 1-2 business days.







All fund transfers must be in Australian Dollars and must be sent to our Westpac Bank Account. We only accept fund payments from your bank account. For example, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or BPay.

We do not accept cash, credit cards, cheques or bank drafts


We require the name and account details of the beneficiary along with your name, address and phone number when registering both your details and the beneficiary details. This will all be done through the form which you are to fill out.

Verification of ID

We require you to attach a copy of your current Australian driver’s license or your current Passport along with any additional ID, which you may feel will assist us through the verification process.

Need money sent fast?

Habib Finance Australia is dedicated to improve its customer standing by providing unique services to all and aim to be a source that caters for all financial services our clients may require.


We are dedicated to build a proficient network via our partnerships with the non-banking sector to make transfers easy and reliable for our customers.